VP Association


The VP Association welcomes and encourages new members. The only requirement for membership in the VP Association is to have been a member of a Naval Air Reserve patrol squadron based at NAS Squantum, MA; NAS South Weymouth, MA; or NAS Brunswick, ME; or to have an interest in the heritage of naval reserve maritime patrol aviation in New England. Note, former or current members of any other Navy patrol squadron are also welcome to join.

There are no dues associated with VP Association membership at the present time. However, cash donations to the group's Admin Fund are appreciated. Such donations are used to help defer the cost of printing and mailing newsletters to those members who do not have access to e-mail and for other purposes such as hosting this web site. So far we have been "lucky" in the sense that voluntary donations, memorabilia sales, and the use of e-mail for distributing newsletters to most members has allowed the VP Association to operate without dues. There will be no membership dues as long as this remains the case.

To join the VP Association, contact the VP Association via e-mail and be sure to provide the following information:

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